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There are 500-750 Professional Touring Golfers playing on the PGA Tour ® at any one time in the year 2010; and there are an estimated 50-61 million Golfers worldwide with this number exploding in preparation of Golf being added to the Olympics in 2016.  Each PGA Touring® Professional excels in Driving, Ball Striking, Chipping, Putting and a whole host of golfing related statistics.

The “Best of the Best” of these Professional Golfers do such remarkable feats as drive the ball 325+ yards–and hit their 3 woods 285+ yards off the tee box–while knocking their 5 woods over 265 yards off the grass!  The hand-eye coordination alone that is necessary to accomplish these feats would boggle the mind of the average weekend recreational golfer. However, the PGA Tour® presents the best golfers in the world today.

Yet–out of all the golfers currently teeing it up on the main PGA® Tour, there is NOT ONE SINGLE PLAYER TODAY–not even Tiger Woods®–or Phil Mickelson® or any other player who plays consistent PGA Tour® quality golf that does so WHILE STANDING ON ONE LEG…..that is until now!

Ariel Ehrmantrout is setting achievement records each time he plays by pushing back the preconceived notions that people have of what a DISABLED PERSON CAN or CANNOT DO.  Before Ariel, all Golfers with a disability were RELEGATED TO A MINI-TOUR FOR “SPECIAL” ATHLETES.  This effectively BLOCKED ALL DISABLED ATHLETES from the competition and access to the benefits of being a PGA Tour® Professional.  Regardless of their skills, these Amputee Athletes have been funneled into these tours–because there were none that could MEASURE UP with their able bodied cohort on the PGA Tour®.  This “UNINTENTIONAL WALL OF SEGREGATION” must be taken down for all time providing EQUAL ACCESS FOR ALL who can play at the professional level– in spite of their physical handicap.

The Golfing legend and Golfing Hall of Fame member, MR. BEN HOGAN was for all intents and purposes “HANDICAPPED” by today’s standards following his car accident in the 1930’s; Golf Historians tell us that Mr. Hogan COULD NOT continue to play golf without the aid of “LEG WRAPS” that took almost two hours to apply each and every day WHICH ALLOWED HIM TO PLAY GOLF.  However, this HANDICAP DID NOT DENY the great MR. HOGAN ACCESS TO PLAY on the Professional Tour; and the game of Golf is much better off for it.

This year, PGA Tour® Veteran Player MR. KENNY GREEN, now a PGA Champions Tour®  player broke this barrier on the Seniors Tour –by playing in two PGA Tour® CHAMPIONS TOUR EVENTS.  ARIEL CONGRATULATES MR. GREEN’S COURAGE and ATHLETICISM in breaking down this barrier on the PGA Tour®-CHAMPIONS TOUR.  Again, the game of golf is BETTER OFF for MR. GREENS act of bravery in the face of extreme odds. However, IN SPITE OF THIS, there remains NO PLAYER to ever make the main PGA TOUR® itself…….UNTIL NOW.

Ariel Ehrmantrout lost his left leg below the knee and he is attempting to break through this glass ceiling that has prevented ANY AMPUTEE from ever playing in the main PGA Tour® as a Professional. This discriminatory statistic is a RELIC of DAYS GONE BY AND IT DOES NOT REFLECT THE FORWARD THINKING OF THE PGA TOUR® COMMISSIONER, OR THE TOURS LEADERS AND EXECUTIVES WORLDWIDE.  Thus, ARIEL has embarked on this journey to CRUSH this LAST and FINAL BARRIER to WHAT OTHERS “THINK” A HANDICAPPED PERSON CAN DO IF PROVIDED THE OPPORTUNITY!


Ariel has applied for several SPONSORS EXEMPTIONS for admission to play on the PGA Tour™ during the 2010 golf season. In 2011, Ariel is planning to play Monday qualifiers following the US Open® at various tournaments and classics.  Monday qualifiers enable a player to play on the PGA TOUR ® without a FULLY EXEMPT players card.  Ariel hopes to qualify for his” EXEMPT” status at the 2011 PGA Tour® “Q” School Tournament beginning in late September of the 2011 season.

For more information on the incredible golfing of this talented paralympic athlete who performs at PGA Tour® standards BUT DOES SO ON ONE LEG–please contact Ariel’s Manager Mr. Jeff Henry at BC Sports Management: email Jeff at or call Jeff at 951-551-0467.



Name: Ari Ehrmantrout

Date of Birth:  12-25-1962

Birthplace:  Coeurd’Alene, Idaho, USA

Height:  5′ 10″

Weight:  250 pounds

Full Name:  Timothy Ariel Wilton Ehrmantrout

Profession: Professional Golfer and Law Student

Education: BS in Sociology, PSU ®; MBA in Marketing CU ®; J.D. Concord Law School® [Pending]

Wife:  Sarah Ehrmantrout

Children: David, Christin, Crystal , Christopher and Sarah


Ari’s Agent: Mr. Jeff Henry, BCSA of Murrieta, California —  Email:

Address:   28039 Scott Road D275, Murrieta, CA 92584

Phone: 951-541-0881 (Office)   951-551-0467  (Cellular)  951-491-2848 (Fax)

Email address:


2010 Scouting Report:  Ari is a very strong ball striker with tremendous Clubhead speed of over 121 mph with his driver; which is amazing for an Amputee Golfer.  Ari averages -4 under: 68 and he is an excellent ball striker with a very good short game.

Most Notables: Ari hopes to be playing under Sponsors Exemption and Monday Qualifiers for various PGA Tour® dates.  Ari will attempt to gain his PGA Tour Card at “Q” School this year.


Ari has received an invitation to play in the 2011 Disabled British Open which will be televised worldwide on Skye Sports Network in 2011 in London, England

  • Ari is the Corporate Endorser for Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics®, which is the largest manufacturer of Prosthetic Technology Worldwide.
  • Ari plays Callaway, Taylormade-and Ping Golf™ Products


  • Ari’s Putts Per Round are 30.5
  • Ari’s Scrambling Percentage is 62%
  • Ari’s Greens in Regulation are 61%
  • Ari’s Fairway Accuracy is 85.7%
  • Ari’s Average Drive 290 yards

Ari Ehrmantrout is a powerful Golfer; yet the thing that really sets Ari apart is that not only does he hit the ball as far as other PGA Tour® Pro’s; but Ari does so without the use of a left leg.  Ari Ehrmantrout was hit by a drunk driver in 1985.  Ariel’s leg was broken in over 33 places with 8 compound fractures, and the Doctors told him he would never walk again because of the damage he sustained. Ari’s left leg was finally amputated below the knee following over 12  attempts to save the limb.  Ari learned to walk all over again and now has become a professional amputee golfer attempting to make it on the PGA Tour®.

Ari Ehrmantrout’s story of courage, failure and ultimate triumph is a powerful marketing tool for any prospective Company seeking to be affiliated with courage and a never quit attitude.  Ari plans to become the first person with a major disability to make it full-time onto the PGA Tour.  Ari wants to be known as an excellent Professional Golfer who just happens to have an amputation and not as a handicapped professional.  It is this tenacious desire to succeed that has moved Ari into position to qualify for the PGA Tour®.  Ari also is a gifted speaker, and great motivator as well as wonderful golf new comer.


Ari is current finishing his Law Degree, (Juris Doctorate) and plans to  specialize in Contract Law.  The Ehrmantrout’s live just 45 minutes from picturesque San Diego, California, in a northern suburb where Golfing is accessible 12 months out of the year.

For more information on Ariel Ehrmantrout and his Professional Golf Career, or disabled athletes in Professional Sports, contact  Jeff Henry at Big Cat Sports Agency care of:

Ari’s Agent: Mr. Jeff Henry, BCSA of Murrieta, California —  Email:

Address:   28039 Scott Road D275, Murrieta, CA 92584

Phone: 951-541-0881 (Office)   951-551-0467  (Cellular)  951-491-2848 (Fax)


WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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We Made History!  Professional Amputee Golfer and the current number one Disabled Golfer in the world today, Ariel Ehrmantrout has broken yet another barrier for disabled golfers.

Ariel would like to thank his Wife, and his Sponsors, Menifee-Lakes Country Club, Hanger Prosthetic’s and Orthotics, Antigua Golf Apparel, UST Mamiya Golf Shafts, Lamkin Grips, and his Caddy S.S. Sailor and Manager at BC Sports Management–Mr. Jeff Henry–for all their assistance in helping him to reach his goal.

On Monday, September 27th, 2010, Ariel played in the Soboba Classic Qualifier Professional Tournament which was administered for the PGA Tour® and its Nationwide Tour® –by the Southern California Professional Golfers Association.

On the hottest day in the last 100 years in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Valley in Southern California, Ariel tee’d off at the 12:40pm pairing with Mr. Doug Batty–a Professional Golfer from New Zealand; as well as Golf Professional Mr. Brian Newman of LaQuinta, California.  Their match last from 12:40 to approximately 5pm in 111 degree conditions.

Ariel applied to the PGA Tour® and was granted official permission from the PGA Tour Headquarters to use a Golf Cart for the qualifying event–and it is believed that Ariel was the first Amputee Golfer to be granted this exception; but used no other assistance or aids to play the 18 hole PGA Tour Nationwide Qualifying Event.  Out of 254 other individuals who sought the 7 seats in the open tournament–Ariel placed 118th.

Ariel Ehrmantrout is the FIRST Disabled Golfer to participate in an Professional Open Qualifier sponsored by the PGA Tour ® and the Southern California PGA®.  Ariel played with courage and skill recording a 300 yard drive from the 18th tee box, which we believe is the longest drive in PGA competition by an Amputee in the Tour’s history.

Ariel was personally asked to return for the 2011 event by Tournament Directors. Ariel plans to play in the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital Open Qualifier in mid-October and other events as they become available throughout the fall season 2010 and the beginning of the 2011 season.  Stay tuned for more record breaking sessions in the future.



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There is almost something primal, caveman-ish if you will allow me to make up my own word, about the love affair men have with their Golf Drivers.  Each year the marketing aces at the various club manufacturers bring us image after image of planes, and rockets, Phil and Tiger and that kid that seems to be able to twist himself into a cork position each year which will cost him huge dividends when he is older in wear and tear on his back [just ask Freddie Couples about that one!] but to no avail because who ever thinks that they will get old??

Sadly I am one of the chosen hoard that lines up at Demo Days here in Southern California and stands with sheer amazement when one of my 3 woods rockets out 285 yards or better and even great giddy glee when I drive the ball over the 300 year mark–not bad for a one legged man!! 😉

However this last year has been one of the most frustrating to date as I have been plagued by a golfers disease…..and ailment akin to Barkley’s yips and Romano’s self defacing attitude.  My one mighty and pure power packed blast off the tee–had begun a horrid duck hooking motion about every 3rd or fourth drive.  I would slow my tempo–making certain that my grip was right–my stance was correct–that I was pivoting off my back foot through contact with the ball–and about half a million other remedies that Duffers and Technicians alike thought might be the problem.  With the help of my trusty Caddy Shaun–we continued to eliminate variables, and fine tune until I thought I might be losing my gourd.  I went to hitting my 19 degree Hybrid Iron off the tee as I can launch that baby about 260 yards and just playing course management in my matches.  If I really needed to pick up some yards on the long par 5 I would used my 3 wood which is always good for around 300 yards.

Month after month passed and with the help of Shaun and then my beautiful wife Sarah, we finally figured out the problem.  I put this up here for any of you who may be suffering in silence and needing the help that I have found.  My problem in particular was caused by playing full time versus playing occasionally.  You see, as you swing at ball after ball, you get stronger and turn your fat into muscle.  This increase in strength results in an increase in general overall club speed which is the coveted portion of the driving equation: the more Clubhead speed the more distance… is just that simple.  Well, when I bought my Taylormade R9 440 Driver, I got it with a Stiff Shaft which at the time was great.  But after a while it became less and less effective and I was hooking like a long lost Laker in need of a backboard!  Frustration would set in and every time I thought I had the problem fixed–or at least identified……I would quack quack across the field like a Goose heading south to avoid a Canadian Winter.

I had everything checked–spent time with my Swing Coach, changed clubs– changed shafts and even stopped playing the driver all together.  But this is not a viable option when you are the number one disabled golfer in the world and trying to make the PGA Tour™.  But finally I was studying for Law School finals when a show came on the Golf Channel called “What’s in your bag” and it featured Stewart Cink.  The show was for a Shaft Company called UST Mamiya®.  Well needless to say, I heard about the “Black: 1700 X -Stiff Shaft” and I purchased one and waited for it to get here.  To my amazement it was here in 3 days and I took it to my club fitter guys and they had it sporting my R9 440 and awaiting launch.  Today we reached t-3,2,1 and then WHAMMO! Holy Snuggies–I hit that club so hard that it scared me and made the range gophers run for cover.  Needless to say–I went through a Jumbo bucket of range rocks–trying to make this club duck-out and NOTHING–NOTHING–NOTHING!!  Not a single bit of hooking.  In fact the club and shaft from UST® worked perfectly together.

SO, I am back… Neanderthal as it may seem–but with my new found youth and vigor I can move on to driving like the champion I am and work on the important part of my game: putting and chipping around the green.  Remember, you drive for show and putt for the dough–so I am glad that the only ducks left for me are the ones I encounter at the Lakes.  The point of this whole story is to let you know that if you are having trouble with hooking or your drives squirreling into the ground shortly after you spank them off the tee box–have a professional fitter check your shaft and Clubhead speed–you may have gotten stronger and outgrown your shaft stiffness!!  Don’t try to change it on your own–you will be sorry like I was–let the professionals do it and get you back to driving the way you know you can.

This week I am training for the upcoming Reno Tahoe Classic Monday Qualifiers–the PGA’s “Q” School and the Disabled British Open…..keep checking in to see if I can go from being the best handicapped player in the world today and monopolize that into actually making it onto the Tour with the best golfers in the world.  Have a wonderful week!


This Weeks Training: Working with New Putter

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May 19, 2010

I mark all my balls with a smiling face to remind me that Golf–like life–is to be enjoyed.  I actually hit this putt from 25 yards away during practice and it stopped on the lip–with the face looking up at me as to mock me with its trite smile!  My Caddy and I cracked up laughing about this–so I had to take a picture for you all.

There is an old saying that says “Drive for Show–Putt for Dough.”  Like most old sayings it is rooted in a truthful concept–in professional Golf, putting is the key to life and happiness.  Ever since the transition to 7000-plus yard golf courses–many players have been able to ride the thunder of 300 year drives–and 280 yard 3 Woods and 265 yard 5 Woods; but only a handful of people have been able to putt in one –making it solidly to the green for birdie or better.

In fact in the PGA, the putting statistics are quite eye opening. Look at these:


2-foot putts 99%
3-foot putts 91%
4-foot putts 81%
5-foot putts 70%
6-foot putts 62%
7-foot putts 54%
8-foot putts 47%
9-foot putts 43%
10-14 foot putts 31%
15-19 foot putts 19%
20-24 foot putts 14%
25-foot & greater 6%

Face it–by the time you get to seven feet you only have a 50 % chance of scoring!!  So why do people spend hours on the range–thundering shots down range for hour upon hour–and they spend 15 minutes putting before their next tee time?

Truth be known–you should spend 3 hours putting for every 1 hour you spend on the range.  The most dangerous golfer in the PGA is Steve Stricker right now.  Steve will not tee off and slug it 350 yards, but he will make a decent 260 yard drive–followed by a second shot that will get him on the green; and once on the green–Stricker will sink any length putt that is there for him; making him more dangerous than a Great White Shark in a feeding frenzy!!

Tiger Woods is one of the best putters in history, and he even allowed Stricker to do the putting during their match play portion of last years Presidents Cup in San Francisco.  Why?  Because Steve Stricker is better than a wizard with the flat stick and putting wins tournaments in the PGA.

My week is being spent training on my 200 yard and in approach regiment and putting with my new Odyssey Whitehot ®  XG-9 Series putter.  It is much heavier than my Whitehawk XG-7 Hawk and my Whitehot XG-6 blade putter.  I am seeking to lower my average from 30 putts per round to 20-25 putts per round.

Next weeks regiment is going to include having a custom made Driver made for me to see if I can move up from my 280 yard average drive to over 300 yards.  Being an Amputee can be troublesome when attempting to gain driving yards, so a great deal of work will be going into this.

And lastly, to my fans who faithfully support me with their kind words and well wishes–you’ll be happy to know that I have been invited to play in this years Disabled “British Open” in England this September.  The 2010 Disabled British Open Golf Championship will take place at East Sussex on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st September – with the option to play a practice round on Sunday 19th September. The event will include players from all over the world and will be televised!  The winner will take home a Claret Jug – just like the British Open Winner in the PGA.  So for now–Drive for show and putt for a Claret Jug!!!


Hello world!

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